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Accent & Co. is proudly a Women & POC owned business.

Cindy, Quennie, and Duyen are all owners of their own businesses. Their paths crossed in 2021, during a Holiday Market that they all participated at as vendors. They instantly connected over their shared love for craftsmanship and supporting local makers. It was there that they realized their visions aligned perfectly, and the idea of Accent & Co. was born. With an unbreakable sisterly bond, and a collective desire to create a space that celebrates the talents of artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, they decided to join forces and bring the vision of their first retail store to life.

Cindy, the creative mind behind Shop Cins Creations and CFO of Accent & Co., handcrafts beautiful, customizable jewelry pieces. A portion of all sales made from Shop Cins Creations, goes back to buying non-perishable items, and is donated to charities all around the GTA. #JewelryThatGivesBack
Quennie, the visionary behind Over the Luna and COO of Accent & Co., creates one of a kind and personalized gifts like paper flower boxes & tumblers. She has taught hundreds of creatives to build their own paper flower box business and is truly an inspiration to the community.
Duyen, the talented artist behind Elevate Candles and CMO of Accent & Co., creates 100% soy wax candles that will elevate any room. She has an eye for trending products and creating captivating videos!
United by a common vision, Cindy, Quennie and Duyen aspire to establish an all-embracing community hub that honours and uplifts local makers, artists, designers and entrepreneurs. Their aim is to thoughtfully curate a collection of exceptional, handcrafted items that ignite a sense of joy and wonder in the lives of their customers.